What is a Realborn®

August 30, 2013

A Realborn® represents a ground-breaking new advancement in the way kits are produced in the reborning industry, using technology to recreate real babies instead of from sculpts, and without using a single ounce of polymer clay the way sculptors have been doing.

We began this pioneering approach with our two week old rendition of Eliza-- our item #7196-- that we released a few years ago. Here is a link to her:


So, why are we calling her a Realborn® kit instead of a Reborn kit? The answer to that question lies in how she was created. Our Realborn® Eliza was not sculpted conventionally. Instead, she was created via technology processes that we are pioneering.

First, the real baby Eliza was digitally scanned shortly after her birth, using high-end processes often used in the entertainment industry for movie production. We then edited the digital scan data to ensure that a physical "pattern" for mold making could be made from the computer data. The physical pattern was then produced using high-end computerized rapid prototyping equipment, and then the pattern was further tweaked and added to to ensure completeness, accuracy and reproducibility of the finished vinyl product (tuned to the specific needs of vinyl production).

During her production, we encountered a large number of roadblocks and bottlenecks to the process. For one thing, we found that not even the high-end systems available at the time (only three years ago) were quite ready. They were too limiting in one way or another, and the technology was not quite ready.

But now it is.

Bountiful Baby has been quietly making a very large investment into some of the highest resolution and highest precision laser and photometric scanning and rapid prototyping equipment and computers in the world today, and many of the vinyl kits created from this investment will be based on actual reproductions of real babies.

Each roadblock to this approach has been systematically addressed internally since Eliza's production. We currently have the capability to not only reproduce the actual baby, but we can electronically alter detail. We can enhance or even exaggerate the detail to any chosen level if we wish to. We can also change the size (larger or smaller) of anything. We can even electronically mix-and-match features together from different babies to create something brand-new if we wish (some of our animal kits were created this way).

And it is all done without using a single ounce of polymer clay that sculptors normally use.

We are also retroactively employing this technology on many of our old releases, and some of them will be gradually upgraded, changed, and enhanced in various ways over the coming years. The first of our old releases to be enhanced with this technology are Gena, Gabriel, and Caleb, all three of which are out-of-stock right now, but when restocked they will have the enhancements.

Additionally, we currently have the following Realborn® babies in various stages of production:

We have several Realborn® Babies that can be found on our website here: https://bountifulbaby.com/collections/realborn-kits

In our Newsletter #2, we talked about Limited Edition Kits vs. Open Edition Kits. Currently, our entire Realborn(tm) line is planned to be a premium Limited Edition line, and all of our other kits are currently planned to remain Open Edition Kits. Then, to maintain consistency, our Realborn® Eliza is planned to shift soon to Limited Edition, even though she was not initially released that way. She will likely first go out of stock for awhile, and then have exactly one Limited Edition production run sometime in early 2014 before being retired. And all of our subsequent Realborn® releases of other babies are planned to be Limited Edition from the beginning.

Perhaps this announcement is being made too early, because we are still several months away from our next Realborn® release. But we have been developing this technology for some time now, at a considerable cost in time, and at the expense of many, many hundreds of thousands of dollars. The technology works, and our full Realborn®) kits are coming. And, it represents a ground-breaking shift for the reborning industry. And, we have already employed it in limited ways on some of our more recent kits.

Bountiful Baby is just getting started, folks, and there are exciting times ahead!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby
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Salt Lake City, Utah 84119
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