Micro-Root(R) Hair Rooting Tool- #5598

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This is for the TOOL ONLY. You buy needles separately.
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The Original Micro-Root(R) tool from the company that coined the term Micro-Root! We first tried all the rooting tools we could find, and then we came up with this rooting tool.

Our first Micro-Root(tm) baby was Zachary, whose auction was placed on eBay on 11/26/02. We later created Destiny, our Micro-Root baby whose auction was placed on eBay on 1/20/03, and it is with Destiny that Denise coined the term Micro-Root to describe this new rooting technique in January 2003, by Denise Pratt of Bountiful Baby!

Since then, Micro-Rooting has become the latest cutting-edge rave in Reborning. And here you can buy the original Micro-Root(tm) tool!

The tool also comes with an extra collet to allow it to be used for even larger needles if you wish. The smaller collet included with the tool will tighten all the way down to size zero, to fit even the smallest needles. This tool will hold all of our pre-cut felting needles that we sell.

This tool has a wooden handle, which gives it the extra weight for added comfort in your hand during rooting. It feels much better in your hand than a plastic handled tool does. It has a feel of quality, rather than a cheap plastic feel that some other tools do.