SMALL Complete Set of EIGHT Custom Genesis - #6723

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Contains a little less than half of the paint of our 1/2 ounce jars, at a uniform price per jar (regardless of color). Click the picture to see a size comparison of this size vs. our 1/2 ounce jars.

The most convenient, and easy to use Genesis Heat Set Paint set available! Bountiful Baby premixed Genesis Heat Set Artist Colors! No need to mix them.

This complete set is perfect for all your reborn painting needs. Includes 7 colors and one varnish. Thin with Mona Lisa to a very thin watercolor like consistency for best results.

For your convenience colors and varnishes are numbered in the order that we recommend you apply them.

This small set of eight will do approximately the following amount of newborn sized kits:

Heat Set Matte Varnish approx. 2-6 kits
Vein Blue, Nail Tip, Eyelid Purple, Brow Brown approx. 25-100 kits
Lip/Blush/Nail, Warm Blush approx. 12-48 kits
Baby Skin approx. 6-24 kits

The amount of kits each paint jar will do depends on how thick you paint and how much waste their is.

To paint the nails and lips to give them a sheen wet look, we recommend using Aleene's Paper Glaze (our item #2277)

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