1. Do you sell completed dolls?

No. We are a reborn doll supply store. We do not sell completed dolls. We sell the vinyl kits, supplies, and instructions for you to create your own realistic baby doll. Bountiful Baby products are for artists serving the high-end collector doll market and are not intended for children.

2. How can I get started?

We recommend our Reborning Supply Kits for beginners.

3. Can I visit your store?

No. We do not have a storefront. Everything we have can be viewed and purchased online.

4. What payment methods can I use?

We accept PayPal as well as all four major credit cards. We do not accept any other forms of payment. All of your payment options can be seen as you continue through checkout.

5. What countries do you ship to?

Countries we ship to


6. What is the shipping cost?

We have one flat rate shipping cost for all orders, regardless of order size.

USA shipping cost= $9.95

International shipping cost= $39.95

7. What is your shipping method?

We only ship with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

USA = Priority Mail

International = Priority Mail Express International

8. How long will it take for me to receive my order?

USA = approx. 3-5 business days

International = approx. 14 business days (if the item is not held in Customs)

9. Do you have a catalog?


10. Can I buy a vinyl part separately?

The only available parts will be listed in our Vinyl Parts category. We do not know when any particular part will become available.

11. When will a particular kit or item go on sale?

Most of our sales are chosen by the computer, based on stock and other factors. Since there is not much human intervention, we do not know when any particular item will go on or off sale. 

 12. When will a particular kit be available for purchase?

Out of Stock Kits


13. What is a diameter?

A straight line passing from side to side through the center of a circle or sphere.

 14. Can you make a Realborn kit from a photo of my baby?

No. A Realborn kit cannot be made from a photo. A Realborn is a 3D scan and the infant must be present in our facility to create the scan.

15. Can you make a reborn kit from a photo of my baby?

No. A reborn kit cannot be made from a photo. Reborns are molded from a clay sculpt. We suggest finding a sculpting artist to sculpt your baby from an image.

16. My kit did not come with a Birth Certificate/Certificate of Authenticity.

Not all of our kits include a Birth Certificate/Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Only First Quality Realborn kits include one or as otherwise specified in the item description.

17. How to tell right arm from left arm / right leg from left leg.

Just as your own right arm never changes, the right arm never changes on a doll no matter how you look at it. If you are the doll yourself, the right arm would be on the right side. If you have the doll facing you, the right arm would be on your left side. 

The right arm on a doll never changes, just as your own right arm never changes, no matter how you are looking at it.