Genesis Instructions

How to use Genesis paints!

Our Bountiful Baby BabySkin™ vinyl reborn kits are ready to go! There is no need to remove any factory paint, factory body, or factory hair.  So let's begin!

Our preferred paint for our BabySkin™ vinyl is our Bountiful Baby Heat-Set Genesis paints. We have our own private label Bountiful Baby Heat-Set Genesis paints in custom colors that match our vinyl perfectly. Bountiful Baby Heat-Set Genesis paints allow you to achieve permanent and amazingly realistic results.

Here are some tips and important notes before you get started.

You can use the Genesis Thinning Medium, but we prefer to use Odorless Mineral Spirits to achieve the flowing characteristics that we desire.

We are organizing the painting into numbered steps. We will tell you the pre-mixed paint color and brushes/applicators to use for each step. This simplified process is what we call "Reborn Paint by Number".

Key points to success with Genesis paints:

  1. Less is best. Use only a tiny amount of very thin paint. Too much paint can cause the doll to have a chalky over done look.
  2. Do not overload your brush
  3. Use the right brush for each step.



Now you're ready to get started!

We have improved the design and content of our manual! You can find the Paint-By-Number instructions on pages 3-17.

Click Here for our Genesis Paint-By-Number Instruction Manual