SECONDS Kaelin (16" Kit)- #1035

SECONDS are kits that did not pass our quality control. Although we do not consider these defects to be major, if you would like a kit without defects, please order a first quality kit.

Kaelin is the second of a series of Bountiful Baby sculpts with an anatomically accurate soft-spot, or "fontanelle", on the top of the head, like a real baby has. Click the picture for more information about it.

Made from our Extra Soft Bountiful Baby BabySkin(tm) Vinyl, in a Peach color! About 16 inches long, includes vinyl head, full vinyl legs, and 3/4 length vinyl arms. Kaelin's head circumference is about 10 3/4 inches.

If you use plugs and rings, this baby should be able to use the 55mm neck ring, 35mm head plug, 24mm leg plugs, and 16mm arm plugs (all of which are optional, and ordered separately). Click this link for IMPORTANT additional information about the plugs and rings.

Kaelin's wig size is 12-13.
Check out our special body for Kaelin!
Comes unpainted and ready to reborn.

If you are using a ring for Kaelin's legs, the correct size is 40mm (item #5560).
NOTE: This is the size for the legs, NOT the neck.

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