Heat Set Drying Gun for Genesis Paints- #1096

Use for spot drying the Genesis Heat Set paints (instead of using an oven). We recommend using this Heat Gun for spot drying *only*. With this gun, you can spot dry the paint when and where *you* want!

* 1000 Watts of Power
* 3 Position Push-Button Switch
* Removable Heat Nozzle, for narrow or broad air flow
* Powerful, efficient motor/fan combination
* Adjustable Air Intake-- allows for easy adjustment of air temperature

CAUTION: Nozzel heat exceeds 400 degrees F-- do not use as a hair dryer! TO AVOID A POSSIBLE FIRE HAZZARD, use the cool down setting then turn off and unplug gun after it has cooled down, and before leaving unattended. NEVER HOLD HEATGUN INSIDE OF DOLL. THIS MAY CAUSE THE HEATGUN TO OVERHEAT AND CAUSE THE GUN TO MALFUNCTION CREATING A FIRE HAZZARD. Heatguns are best used for touch up work and small areas. They are not designed for a 100% duty cycle and must be allowed to rest if heat setting large areas.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: This heat gun is a U.S. appliance requiring 110 to 120 volts-- do not plug it into anything else!

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