8 inch SB Cutter -- for cutting rooting needles- #1229

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What does "SB" stand for? Why, "Second Best", of course!

Our best cutters are item #1140, but they are a lot more money than these!

What it looks like to us is that somebody (in China) tried to copy the excellent "Michigan Industrial Tools" cutter (item #1140), and do it for less money. And this is what they came up with.

These cutters aren't bad, but three big differences stand out (compared with #1140):

* These cutters have plastic grips, whereas #1140 have rubber grips. The rubber grips of #1140 are definitely more comfortable in the hand.
* The edge of these cutters wear out faster than #1140 (we know this because we use them both).
* These cutters are a lot less money than #1140.

We cut thousands of rooting needles, and we usually cut three needles at a time. So, we generally use #1140 for the needles that we cut. But, these cutters are still the second best cutters we have found, and they are a WHOLE lot less money!

Unless you cut thousands of needles, and do it several at a time, these cutters will work out very well for you. Otherwise you should buy our item #1140.

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