SECONDS - (8564) 19" Body for Full Arms, 3/4 Legs - #1352

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This is a SECONDS version of our body #8564. As a SECOND, it contains a minor defect (such as a small dot on the fabric, missing strings, or some other small defect).

NOTE: This is an imported body and uses string ties. If you would like cable ties, you can purchase them separately and thread them into the body. (See related items below.) 

This body fits Lane and Leah, or other similarly sized dolls.

This body measures about 8 3/4 inches from the top of the neck to the crotch. The length the baby ends up will depend on the limbs and head of the baby you start with, but typically will be about 19 inches when completed. A perfect fit for most Preemie size clothing.

These new bodies are made from a doe suede similar to our other bodies, but are a little more of a neutral beige/tan in color than our original 7197 bodies. And, just like our original 4662 bodies, these new 7197 bodies are serged on all seams, and manufactured with the same high quality standards as all of our premium bodies. Most people will not notice a difference between this body and our original 7197 body, but for those who do, and for some reason still prefer the original 7197 body, we will also continue to offer the original, as item #7197.

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