SECONDS - (943) 16" Body for Blinkin & Nod - #2517

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We are now mass-producing (thousands at a time) our body #4661, and we are passing the savings on to you!

You will need a neck flange when using this body with our Blinkin or Nod kits. If you do not already have one, our neck flange is item #8569. It is not included and must be purchased separately.

This is a SECONDS version of our body #943. As a SECOND, it contains a minor defect (such as a small dot on the fabric, or some other small defect).

This body is specially designed for Blinkin and Nod , or other similarly sized full limb dolls.

This body is similar to our earlier SE Full-limb bodies, but even less fabric around the limb joints. This body is fully jointed, but less fabric around the limbs gives it a more baby-like appearance. This body makes Blinkin (and Nod) about 18 inches long (about 17 inches with bent legs).

The length of this body (neck to crotch) is approximately 8 inches.

Manufactured in the USA, by Bountiful Baby!
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