SECONDS Painted Rooted Binki (16" Kit)- #3003

SECONDS are parts that did not pass our quality control. They either have imperfect paint spots, or they have other defects such as the plug holes have a tear in them, but the defect can typically be worked around.

If you use plugs, this baby should be able to use the 58mm neck ring, 27mm head plug, and 16mm leg plugs (which are optional, and ordered separately). Click this link for IMPORTANT additional information about the plugs and rings.

Already Painted! Already Rooted! Already Has Eyes Inserted!

Made from Vinyl. About 16 inches long, includes vinyl head, full length vinyl legs, and 3/4 length vinyl arms.

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Binki will wear size Preemie clothing.

Check out our special body for Binki! (item #6568)

If you are using a ring for Binki's legs, the correct size is 40mm (item #5561).
NOTE: This is the size for the legs, NOT the neck.
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