SECONDS Painted Rooted Kiwi (18" Kit)- #3015

SECONDS are parts that did not pass our quality control. They either have imperfect paint spots, or they have other defects such as the plug holes have a tear in them, but the defect can typically be worked around.

Already Painted! Already Rooted! Already Has Eyes Inserted!

This kit has 3/4 arms and full legs and comes unpainted and ready to reborn. Kiwi is about 18 inches long when completed.

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Plugs and Rings are optional. Click this link for IMPORTANT information about plugs and rings.

Plugs Rings Body
Head 40mm 58mm #6900
Legs 20mm 50mm
Arms 16mm N/A
(These items are sold separately. See related items below.)

Hair is uncombed and uncut as it came from the factory, to allow you to cut and style if you choose.

This is a factory painted and rooted vinyl kit. Painting style may vary from batch to batch.

Kiwi will wear Preemie sized clothing or true newborn. 0-3 month will be too big.