Blinkin Girl (16.5" Reborn Doll Kit)

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Anatomically Correct Full Baby!

About 16.5 inches long, includes anatomically correct full vinyl torso, vinyl head, and full vinyl limbs.

(Blinkin's vinyl is firmer than our other babies, to ensure the integrity of the joints, but can still be easily rooted by warming the head)

Although a cloth body is not required (because the entire body is vinyl), we also offer an optional cloth body (item #943) for those folks that prefer a cloth body.

Blinkin's eye socket size is 16mm, but the prototype was done with 18mm. 18mm will show less white around the iris, which we think results in a "sweeter" look. However, if you use 18mm, you will need to open the eye socket up a bit on the inside (reaching through the neck with a utility knife), plus you will need to secure the eyes with an industrial-grade glue such as E6000.

Blinkin's head is 11 1/2 inches in circumference. Blinkin takes wig size 12-13.

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