Steel Pellets - PER POUND- #556 (DNR)

Sold in 16 ounce bags, doubled up (plus or minus 5%).

This is SIZE 7 steel shot. If you can find a local gun reloading store, you can save shipping and buy local, rather than buy from us. However, SIZE 7 is very tiny, and *very* hard to find in the reloading stores, and we have it here. Also, if you buy it from somebody other than us, make *sure* that it is steel you are buying, and not lead!

Smaller than polly-pellets, but much heavier for their size. These 100% steel pellets are ideal for placing within limbs for an extra bit of weight. This helps the limbs be more posable, so that they stay where you put them when posing!

A weight of plus or minus 5% of one pound is deemed "full". You will often get slightly more than a pound, but occasionally slightly less.
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Note: These may not be able to go through airport security in your completed doll.